Featured Artist - Léonard (Len) Beauchesne



Léonard (Len Beauchesne) was born in Mattawa and raised in Sudbury. Until he retired from the Ministry of Youth Services in 2009, he was known for his prowess on the tennis court, both as a player and a coach. In retirement, he pursued his passion for tennis and, while maintaining a top 10 provincial ranking, he reached a top 13 ranking on the national senior circuit.

He also finally had the time to develop his interest in photography.

While exploring the beauty that surrounds us in the North, Léonard creates moments which reflect his love of the area and show the viewer a new way to see familiar places. His technique is a re-imagining of what the camera captures.

Since 2012, Léonard has been travelling the world. His explorations of unique landscapes, village scenes, and urban motifs have resulted in a deeper understanding of the themes that connect us all and even greater appreciation of home. Every return to the North feels as welcome and as necessary as a lover’s embrace.

Léonard’s giclées all start as photos and, through multi-level digital manipulation, end up looking like pen and ink, coloured pencil, pastels, watercolour or oil paintings. He invites you to take a stroll through his favourite places and hopes you enjoy his take on the world around us.


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