About Festival of the Seven - 2014

The Art Gallery of Sudbury (AGS) presented the first summer long ‘Festival of the Seven’ to celebrate Franklin Carmichael and the Group of Seven’s importance to the Sudbury, Killarney and La Cloche areas in 2013. The festival featured special exhibitions, interactive excursions, musical performances, art, film, education workshops and the launch of the Waddington’s book ‘In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven’. The Festival of the Seven highlighted the significant impact the Sudbury, Killarney and La Cloche areas had on Franklin Carmichael , A.Y. Jackson, The Group of Seven and their contemporaries.

This new annual summer festival will enhance tourism offerings and provide significant economic benefits for the city through spending by the AGS and its partners and by their local and tourism visitors. The AGS invites Sudbury and area art groups, tourism partners and the business community to participate in this yearly celebration of local and Canadian art inspired by Franklin Carmichael and the Group of Seven.

”Franklin Carmichael was inspired by and celebrated the unique landscape and culture of Sudbury and district basin. We envision, as part of AGS’s initiative of renewal to create an exciting, sustainable art gallery, and launching Festival of the Seven is part of this, as it serves to celebrate this special part of Northern Ontario and its art.” - Karen Tait Peacock, AGS Director