Sudbury Quidditch Invitational and Potter Exhibition


Don’t tell the Muggles but Sudbury is about to get a whole lot more magical. The second Sudbury Quidditch Invitational and Potter Exhibition is underway, to be held at the Cambrian College Athletic Centre on Saturday, October 14. This event is hosted and sponsored by the Art Gallery of Sudbury.

The event will also include an array of Harry Potter themed activities for all ages, including a Diagon Alley full of magical vendors, a live sorting ceremony, a costume contest, wand making classes and much more.

The tournament and exhibition will take place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Well-known to Harry Potter fans as the magical game played on flying broomsticks, the land version of Quidditch was first played by Muggles in 2005, and has grown steadily since.

The gameplay resembles a mix between dodgeball, flag football and handball.

"It's a fantastic sport for spectators and players alike, and we'll have people there to explain how it all works for those who might be watching Quidditch for the first time." Said Cristale Marier and organizer of the event who participated in the previous Quidditch Cup.

Played on the ground rather than in air, the positions are the same as in the books — three chasers, two beaters, one keeper and one seeker. Four balls are always in play: one quaffle (a volleyball) and three bludgers (dodgeballs). Chasers throw the quaffle through hoops to score 10 points, while beaters throw bludgers to deter scoring; when hit, players must dismount their brooms and touch a goalpost before returning. The elusive snitch, a small, flying golden ball in the magical version, is a neutral person not on either team wearing yellow “snitch shorts” with a small flag attached, running around the pitch while seekers attempt to snatch the snitch; when one does, that team gets 30 points and the game ends.

Photos provided courtesy of the UBC Thunderbirds.

The “brooms” are actual broomsticks or PVC pipe, which the players must keep between their legs throughout play. “It’s something that you grow accustomed to, as weird as it sounds. It’s kind of the hindrance in the game,” said Marier. “In soccer, you can’t use your hands; that’s your hindrance. This one is, you happen to have a piece of equipment in a very odd position.”

Teams can have between six and 14 players. Players must be at least 14 years of age to participate in the competition. Registration here form available in PDF and Word.

Organizers are also calling for Harry Potter themed fan art. Submit your art work and see it exhibited in a gallery style display.

Guests are encouraged to bring pairs of new socks for donation. The clothing will be donated to the shelters as well as house elves.