Walking in the Footsteps (CD)


The Art Gallery of Sudbury in partnership with Canadian singer songwriter and Juno award winner Ian Tamblyn are proud to have released a CD celebrating the Group of Seven as part of their ongoing ‘Festival of the Seven’.


“This CD will bring yet another layer of life to the paintings and personalities of the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson and Emily Carr. The songs on this CD are part of the fabric of Canadian Art. Ian Tamblyn’s words and music have channelled the pioneering spirit of the Group of Seven, in this evocative CD. ” - Karen Tait Peacock, Director of the Art Gallery of Sudbury


“When creating this album, I wanted to bring forth the different facets of the Group of Seven, beyond their painting. I found it interesting that most of them incorporated a strong spiritual search into their work. Harris, MacDonald, Varley and Carmichael all were seeking something deeply spiritual.” – Ian Tamblyn


The ‘Walking in the Footsteps’ CD with 15 tracks and a 16 page lyric booklet is available for only $19.99. The ‘Walking in the Footsteps’ CD cover was designed by the celebrated artist George Walker and it includes two Franklin Carmichael watercolours that have never been exhibited and an A.J. Casson oil from a private collection. The 16-page booklet includes Joachim Gauthier’s famous photo of Carmichael at Grace Lake along with lyrics and liner notes by Ian Tamblyn for all 15 tracks.


The CD is the second part of a special effort by the Art Gallery of Sudbury to highlight not only the Group of Seven, but also the fact that Canadians have a unique opportunity to walk in their footsteps. The AGS recently co-published the highly acclaimed book, “ In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven” by outdoor adventurers Jim and Sue Waddington.  


Tom Thomson played mandolin, so Tamblyn, as one-way of “channelling” his spirit, included a mandolin on several of his new songs. He also used a 100-year-old parlour guitar that he felt was “sonically in keeping” with the time period of the Group of Seven. Tamblyn also spent weeks canoe camping in many of the haunts of the Group of Seven. He says he tried to get as close to some of their wilderness experiences as he could.